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Bintang Ketjil

SAT, 21 SEPT, 18:30



CGV FX Sudirman

fX Sudirman, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.25, Jakarta Pusat 10270


Parents are in panic! Their children are nowhere to be found. Kidnapped? No. They’re trying to venture on their own to the zoo, after their parents’ promises to take them were never fulfilled. Maria (Maria Umboh) and Suzy (Suzy Mambo), with help of their old ex-teacher (Rd. Ismail), going on themselves and meet many unique characters and adventures. Also featured is the band Koes Bersaudara, which later in their career turned to be one of the most prominent and evergreen musical group in Indonesia.⁣


Tahun produksi 1963

Sutradara Wim Umboh, Misbach Jusa Biran

Durasi 103 menit

Klasifikasi Usia Semua Umur

Pemain Rd Ismail, Maria Umboh, Suzy Mambo, Nana Awaludin, Mansjur Sjah

Format Digital (Restorasi)

Jenis Fiksi, Drama

Negara Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia

Subteks Inggris

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